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Visitors should be individualist's, open-minded for new and strange things. Able to talk and understand English and being satisfied by little offers. Never expecting to much.

Permanently "Beach-layers" and Groups on the search for enjoyment do not really find what they are searching for.
Such visitors who like the nature and such, who like to discover a paradise at their own, are here at the right place.The Philippines are indeed a paradise to be discovered.

Be aware that living here or just having a vacation is a different pair of shoes. The culural differences are exciting while you are just a visitor but they will effect your daily living and then you need to get adjusted. One says:"You can't change the Philippines, the Philippines will change you.

At the right navigation menu we will add some more details and you might like to know them all, so please feel free and read them. First of all you need to know about your Visa for travelling to the Philippines.


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