Wedding in the Philippines

Titanium Wedding rings, wedding rings from ZeezenHow to celebrate a wedding in the Philippines? This is one of the most questions which Mary and I have to answer, so I thought it might be a good idea to write something down in additional to answer the Question how to get married in the Philippines.

Wedding rings titanium jewelry for your weddingThe official Wedding ceremony can be held in the mayors office, in the office of the judge, in Church or even right away in your Resort. Mary and I said yes in the Mayors office and we did not really have a big celebration at all. Just two witnesses and us. Including paper work and wedding meal we did not spend more than 25000 PHP. The wedding rings we bought already two years earlier when we made the decision to get married. So add another 18000 PHP if you like simple wedding bands.


How much money to spend for the wedding?

As you see, one can make it very simple then you don't need more money as we had spend for our wedding. But of course you can celebrate your wedding with the whole family. Arrangements can be ordered between 400 and 3000 Peso per person, including the buffet and decorations. This depends where you like to go. Choosing a simple native restaurant in one of the cheap beach resorts, or for more comfort having your celebration in one of the 5 star Hotels. The sky is the limit. If you order meals just to your place or the place of your wife's parents you can get a complete set with Tent and Table and chairs for 200 Peso for each person. There will be additional fees for round about 6000 Peso if you decide to held the official part in a resort. Of course you can spend much more money and ordering more services like Photographers and a Video production of your wedding day. This is totally up to you. Rent a catamaran or an entire Island if you wish. The Philippines offer plenty of choices to make your wedding a special event.

Wedding Planner at your service

If you want to get rid over all the things which are needed to prepare your wedding, than you might consider to hire one of the wedding planner services. They will make you a package price and will arrange everything. The paper work, the celebration and you can just lean back and enjoy the day's spending some free time with your fiance at one of the beautiful white beaches here in the Philippines.


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