Our vacation offer for the visually impaired

Offers for the visually impaired in the Philippines are rare. Thanks to our visually impaired guest, Susanne R., we decided to make a very special package.

30-day Philippines full board package for the visually impaired

Inclusions are:

58000 PHP Entrance fees and any fees for permits not included.

Holidays for the visually impaired in the Philippines

Inspired by our dear guest Susanne R., who had accepted our services as a visually impaired for almost 3 full months, we learned a lot, to see not only the special needs of visually impaired people, but also our own surroundings with different eyes. Thanks for that.

Holidays in the Philippines. Discover an extremely culturally inspired country, its peculiarities, traditions, Asian aromas, fruits, local specialties and a varied Asian cuisine. Not to mention the youthful charm of the country and its people.

How to reach the Philippines with a visual impairment?

Almost all airlines offer a passenger escort service for a small fee, ensuring that everything from departure to arrival at the destination airport for check-in until luggage acquisition and any necessary interim stays runs smoothly. Klaus will wait for you at the destination airport - CEBU at Mactan Island.

To make the journey as pleasant as possible, we always recommend to book a direct flight to Cebu not only visually impaired, because the waiting periods and the change of planes in Manila are simply unacceptable.

Guide dogs for the visually impaired in the Philippines

However, while there is less of a problem within Europe take the usual companion dog while traveling, this is not recommended for the Philippines. As different impressions, smells, sidewalks and streets may be too much for your guide dog. An accompanying person is required.

To whom our offer for the visually impaired is aimed?

Because we want to focus completely on you and your individual wishes and requirements while you stay with us, our offer is meant for single women or single men regardless of age.

For partners who both require a personal guide / escort, we can also offer a customized package. Men and women may possibly have different priorities for the decision to visit the Philippines. It does not matter, because we accompany guests for years and have fulfilled all imaginable wishes and special requests. 

If you want to spend less than 30 days with us, we will make you an offer.  Our contact details can be found here. Use the form, or simply send us an email:

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