Tourist Visa for the Philippines

All you need is a valid passport. The expire date has to be later then 6 month after your stay in the Phillipines. Then u get a visa up to 21 days while u are entering the Philippines. Extensions are easy to get by using a agency or you just go to the local Immigration office. They are friendly and helpful.

Resident Visa 13a for a living in the Philippines

Although i am living here and do have my residential Visa 13a I do recommend to visit the website of our friend. He is an expert and keeps the information's updated.

Special Investor Visa

The special Investor Visa is ment for those who like to invest in the Philippines. Building a company and hiring local workes. The requirements for the Special Investor Visa (SIRV) can be found at the site of the Philippines Embassy.

Quota Visa for the Philippines

Everybody who is not older than 50 and has special skills or at least 40000 USD can apply for a quoata Visa. The requirements for the Quota Visa can be found at the linked site. The fees for the Quota Visa Philippines can be found at the official Immigration Website.

Retiree Visa Philippines

People who like to retire in the Philippines have different options depending on their age and health condition and of course a certain ammount of income or savings. The requirements for the retiree Visa are shown at the official Goverments website.

What else do you need to visit the Philippines?

Its recommended to have some money cash. Everywhere u can find money exchanger offices and also ATM which support different Credit cards.

Don’t change in public never better use official money exchangers.

Then you need a smile, an open-minded soul.

All information's about the Philippines, are based on our own experiences, so it might take a while that you will find all what you need to know. Especially the information's about the destinations, hotels and restaurants are no advertisements, there are simply comments of what we discovered for us. It is not an encyclopedia about the philippines, we are just reflecting our own oppinion and experiences.

Thats all u need..............come and discover the Philippines


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