Vacation Properties in Cebu and Lapu Lapu City

Mary and KlausForeigners are still not allowed to buy lots in the Philippines. If someone tells you different, just don't listen.

But infact one can buy condos and houses. There are several different contract constellations which will allow you to have your own vacation property.

The market is quite busy and things are changing very quick here. Unfortunatly such business contracts take a while and not every porperty which you are being offered in the internet is still available until you arrived for seeing it and signing the papers.

Some of them might have never been available and the advertisements had been scams and you might have paid some fees already without nothing behind.

We do strongly recommend that if you want to get a vacation property, just take your time and come over to have a look at the available offers.

We do not make a living from commissions but like to help in case you decide to pack your gears and dropping by to see what the market for properties looks like. We then can connect you to other Expats who have the experiences to get your contracts done, safe and fast.

Mary and I found some real interesting real estates at ZipMatch. A great source, easy to navigate and always updated.

Feel free to contact us at any time for further questions.

Long time accommodation rates

If you decide to visit Cebu the Haruhay Dream Resort offers cheap rooms at Mactan Island and the Greengate private pension house comes with luxury bed and breakfast at affordable prizes. Both of them will offer special prizes for long time accommodations. Both of them are owned by foreigners and meeting points for Expats as well.

Properties world wide.

I found this world wide operating property selling site: advertising properties worldwide take a look and maybe you find some interesting lucrative deals.



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