Transportation in the Philippines

Bus transportation Philippines Tribike or Trycycle Transportation Philippines

Transportation is the first new impression when you arrive. But at least to go from Point A to B is easy and u have lots of choices. For short distances we use the Tribike (6-9 Peso. each Person).

Multicab transportation PhilippinesThe Multicab is our choice for middle distance transportation (7 Peso each Person). You might also choose the bus for longer travels. ( Fee depends on Distance). Rise your arms, shout your destination, the carriers will stop, just don't expect that there is a regular schedule or even a bus station.

For longer distances we use a taxi ( 20km=appr.200P) Notice! Always ask for taxis which use the meter , never accept the package.

For Island hopping for excample Bohol we prefer the fast Superferries and we are there in 2 hours. For flights to Manila or other islands we prefere the Cebu Pacific Airline. It’s the cheapest Airline and offers an average rate (2000 P).

If you use the Philippine Airline, then you can have special offers also, but then it is neccesary that you will not ask for a special flight, just ask for the best price for a flight and accept that it might be the first or the last flight on that day you were asking for.

Some promos are really awesome. We once got a ticket for 199 peso from Cebu Pacific back and forth Manila.


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