How to become a top model?

Top Models like Heidi Klum or Gisele Bundchen are the Fashion Models where teens from all over the world are dreaming of to be like them.

It is a common thought that Top models have an easy life. Traveling around the world, presenting the latest fashion clothes and earning millions of Dollars while life seems to be a party every day.

The reality is far away from that. The stakes are high to be at the top, not just being average is what will make you to become a top model.

It is not all just about the body mass index and the ideal body masses 60/90/60 and a height of 178 cm. The texture of the skin, a healthy looking smile, and a perfectly appearance in the private public life as well. You need to keep your body in perfect shape, spending hours and hours in a Gym during the time you have no contract and at least some hours even if you are going to the set. Alcohol and drugs will not just destroy the public image of yours. Your health and your appearance will terribly effected as well.

Being skinny is not the ideal of a top model. Some female curves are widely appreciated. And once and for all the most important thing is to be photogenic. Sometimes even the most beautiful person just isn't. No matter how much they practice posing and how often they visit model classes to improve their standing as model. Sometimes nothing helps to be considered as photogenic.

Top model agencies

Here is what you need to understand how to find an agency that can lead you to the top. The agency should have branches all over the world. Keeping a close relation to clients and models. It should be one of those who are organizing photo shootings and public events to give you a start up as model.

Serious Agencies will not promise you anything. They will clearly tell you that it is a hard job to reach the horizon and being a most wanted top model. Be aware of those local agencies, which are asking you first to pay a fortune to get your set cards done, which are asking you to do free photo shootings first without paying you at least the fees you have to spend to be at the set.

Top Model Yasi, Top Model Management world wide Philippines

Of course your agency will have to earn while promoting you and helping you to find lucrative contracts. That is what they are for and it is natural that they will get a share from your success. F.A.B model management Agency recently opened a branch in the Philippines. Top Model Yasi private with bow and arrow.

If you like to find out if you fit the criteria to be a top model you should consider to start your modeling career by contacting them. Visit their Site and have a look around and make your decision if you want to be a top model.

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