Tabuelan - Cebu Island - Philippines

Tabuelan is quite a secret place according to the numbers of search results in the Internet, but quite not unknown among cave enthusiasts. Tabuelan is located at Cebu Island. It is located approximately 90 kilometer north west of Cebu City. One can reach this small town with it's 25000 inhabitants using the mountain road from Lugo in Sogod. The way leads you through a perfectly almost inhabited mountain landscape passing valleys and very remote small villages on the way to Tabuelan.

The municipality of Tabuelan is the host of some natural spots like caves, rivers and springs. No wonder that one can find a lot of small rivers with crystal clear water. Not yet that much of a tourist destination but some small affordable resorts are awaiting your visit already.

The river of TabuelanTimes will change in Tabuelan, in 2014 the new public park amongst the river in the center of Tabuelan, located directly at the bus terminal will allow tourist to access the river. Floating restaurants and canoeing tours will be offered just like at the Loboc River in Bohol, but only 2.5 hours away from the City of Cebu. A very convinient to reach and enjoy upcoming tourist attraction.

Tabuelan, scupltureThe Sculpture of Casiano Dabalos Gerona is already one of the most photographed Spots in Tabuelan. I am a kind of proud that I witnessed the installation and took the first pictures,together with the actual Mayor of Tabuelan, Rex Casiano Gerona, who's father is now overlooking the whole bus terminal and market place.

sculpture-tabuelan of Casiano Dabalos Gerona A very lively looking detailed sculpture designed and made by Artist Franz Herbich, who's art foundry "Herbich International" is located in Liloan.

Mary and I will closely watch the progress of the development of this new tourist attraction for our guests at Cebu Island and for sure it will be part of our day tours, as soon it is open for the public in 2014 and having a lunch or dinner at one of the floating restaurants with our tour guests.




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