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Sun hours in the Philippines The meteorology graphs at are showing that the sun rises usually around 6 AM and sets down at 6 PM. The sunshine hours per year are approximately 2105 and 5. 3 hours in average per day. The longest sun shine hours are in April with 8.3. The lowest numbers are counted in the month of July and August. Those numbers are net. The link above also contains more information's about Solar energy and surface meteorology and some more graphs related to the topic. The actual 24 hour official weather report of the Philippines government institute Pagasa.

Temperatures The average Temperatures in the Philippines are 27.7°C / °82F I found this helpful converter to get the temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. If you go to mountain Regions the temperatures are slightly lower, but there is no average day recorded with 0°C. Means no snow at all. While January and February ( 22°C) show up with the lowest average of temperature, the May takes the lead with (34°C)

Humidity 73.8% is the average relative humidity per year with the highest peaks in August and September (82%). April is recorded with 64% Rainy days in the Philippines 2061 mm of rain are falling from the sky in average per year. 171 mm per month.

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philippines-national-flag-sunSince the sun is the center of our universe, the sun is what keeps life alive. The Philippines have the sun included into their national flag. One reason that inspired me to create the shown photo montages, showing the Sun rays of the national flag. You decide which one you like most.

The Sun star is by the way a popular newspaper with national and local content.


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