Travel and Trade: Starting a Tourism Business in the Philippines

When you're talking about a country blessed with 7,107 islands, all of which has something fascinating to offer, you know you're in for a treat. The Philippines may not be among the most powerful nations in the world, but what it lacks in other things, it definitely makes up for in beauty and a rich culture.


From the hustle and bustle of Manila  to the enchanting islands of Cebu, there are countless reasons tourists flock to the country each year. In fact, a survey conducted in September 2013 revealed that visitor arrivals in the Philippines increased by 11.40% with over 3,149,985 travellers visiting the country. 


This huge improvement in the tourism sector has paved the way for more businesses to be established in the country. Now if you want to venture into the tourism business, it's only fitting that you know the basics to ensure a smooth and successful start-up.


Before the Start-Up:


While it's only natural to get excited at the thought of finally starting your own business, it's best to follow these steps first:



Making the Choice:


The tourism sector is a huge umbrella covering many niches, so if you want to succeed with your start-up, it's best that you choose a specific niche for your business first. Here are some of your options:


  1. Accommodation – A lot of travellers want to try new lodging options so you can start a bed and breakfast, a self-catering cottage or even a luxury villa rental service.
  2. Food – The Philippines is known for its delicious cuisine so a restaurant, bakery or even a café will surely be a hit among travellers. Just make sure to serve authentic local dishes that most tourists are looking for.
  3. Travel Agency – Since most travellers prefer to work with travel experts in arranging their trips, you can build a travel agency that offers services such as passport and visa applications, tour packages and airline bookings.
  4. Car Rental Service – This type of business has become a hit in the Philippines, especially since most tourists would want to see many places during their trip. If you want to open a car rental business, you can invest in different types of cars (vans, coaches, buses and sedans) to give your customers more options.


Staying Afloat:


Since the tourism industry in the Philippines is quite competitive, it would be beneficial to know some tricks that will help you stay ahead of the pack:



You may find these steps long and tedious but if it means that you'll get better chances at succeeding, then they're all definitely worth following.


About the Author:

Gina Ballesteros is a professional writer for Regus, a global company offering a wide selection of flexible workspaces and training venues. They provide their services not only to those starting a business but also to those striving to keep their business growing.


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