Nightlife and Live bands in the Slabadu bar in Cebu

Slabadu life band "Top on Spot"

The Slabadu Bar is far most the best place to experience the finest Nightlife with live music in Cebu City.

From Monday to Saturday 9 PM until late into the night, different life bands are performing at stage.

It's not just the interior of the Slabadu Bar, which will make your evening special. The Music equipment is simply perfect and the displayed music performed from the 60s until today is simply overwhelming.

JOEFRE Capangpangan flute and saxThe saxophonist JOEFRE Capangpangan is playing his instrument's every night with a furious performance as you might have never seen before.

He just jumps in and takes the breath away while jamming together with other life bands in the Slabadu in Cebu.

Front singer Ivan Joseph ( center in the upper picture) with his 40 years of experience on stage, knows how to involve the audience.


As the name of the band "TOP on SPOT" promises, as Top is the performance of all the musicians in the Slabadu Bar in Cebu Mandaue. Music at it's finest.

Fire&Lights live band in the Slabadu

fire&lites, live band in the slabadu

Fire&Lites is one of the live bands in the Slabadu. Bogart (right center) and Willie (left center). Life music performed to perfection.

The interior of the Slabadu bar is appealing as well. You can avail if you like to sit in the upper floor or right in front the stage or, if you prefer to have the warm evening breeze surrounding you, one can find a place outside at the balcony.

The stuff is well trained, the drinks are reasonable priced and so is the entrance fee between 100 PHP and 125 PHP.

The Slabadu is located in Mandaue, 880 Hernan Cortes St. (Ayala Access road) Banilad. You can call +63(32) 345-4581 to make your reservation.

See you there. Jazz and live music in Cebu in the Slabadu music bar.

Live bands in Cebu Philippines - JRI

As you know Mary and I are always looking for something new. Places where to go and hangout and live bands in Cebu. JRI is one of these rare findings in the Philippines. Not that they just play live music, they are even writing and performing their own songs besides a variety of Hits from the good old times.

Mary and I met JRI first when we were celebrating the new year in MB's Garden here at Mactan Island. Live music entertaining and thanks no rap or heavy metal. Just plain good music.

So is the Album of JRI. 12 songs, Mary and I can't even say which one we do like most. A bluesy collection of songs. Some how we both heard a little touch of Bruce Springsteen's great music while listening to JRI's songs.

JRI are 3 guys live on stage, entertaining, rocking. Plain music, no technical tricks involved. Jump over to the Fanpage of JRI, there you can listen to their music and find out when and where they do perform next.

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