The ring of fire - Philippines

Ring of Fire PhilippinesThe ring of fire describes an area in the Pacific, where volcano and earthquake erruptions will occure more frequently as in other parts of the world. There the meaning comes from and as you can see the Philippines are part of it.


When did the tectonic plates began to move?

There seems to be no scientific proof when exactly the tectonic plates started to move. 800 million or 620 million years ago? Does it really matter in comparison to a life time of a human beeing? One thing is sure once there was a time that all continents have been one big landmass surrounded by water. This super continent was called Pangaea and most of the sources say, that it was one big continent until 200 million years ago.

the drift of the plates since pandea










I found this graphics at they do describe the change of earth since then.

The Philippine mobile belt - tectonic history of the Philippines

During the drift of the plates the philippine plate origined between the Eurosaian plate and the Sunda plate. The movement and pressure caused that regions like the Sierra Madre Mountains raised up and vullcanoes appeared across the Philippines. The earth crust is still on the move so the Philippines do have a high frequency of Earthquakes.

Since i am not a scientologist i kept it very short just to give you an idea why the Philippines are part of the ring of fire. If you want to read more, i collected some sources, which i found in the Internet.


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When did the plates began to move?

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