Retire in the Philippines

retire in the PhilippinesThe Philippines offering you a nice place to retire. Grow old and have some more high quality in your life. Beside the lower costs for living you will be granted with so much more . Why stay in the coldness if you can join the paradise?

Do you get enough for your Pension?

Did you work hard for your pension? Do the costs for energy eat you up? Are you having a vacation every year? Can you still buy the groceries which you were used to buy while you were working so hard? Can you still afford to pay your rent and enjoying your life? Does your health insurance cover all your needs or did you reduce the standards of your treatments?

If one of the questions is bothering you too much, you must consider retiring in the Philippines. Mary and I do know a lot of people living on their pension in the Philippines. At home they could hardly pay their dayly needs, here in the Philippines, they are not just more rich with the same pension, they are even younger as they keep on telling us.
Come along to the Philippines and you will find out very soon that you will receive so much more for your hardly earned pension.

Retire in the Philippines - Cebu - Mactan Island

The Philippines are your paradise to spend your hardly earned retirement money. You simply get more fun out of it. Forget the cold weather and stay at a place where age does not matter. Even on a low budget you will find, that the Philippines offer a variety of ways to get older and still having a joyful autumn of your life.

Mary and Klaus are offering assistance for your first steps into a new life in the Philippines for your retirement. Visit the Philippines and find out how much more easier you life will be. Meet like minded people and listen to their experiences. After a few weeks you will know exactly, where you would like to retire in the Philippines. Ckeck out our basic offers for your assisted living

No matter if you chose to stay near the big cities or if you prefer an easy life at the country sides in the Philippines. Retire at Cebu Island and you will find all of these choices close by and Mary and Klaus will guide you to all the places which you might like to discover before you make your decision.

Elderly care in the Philippines

Also if you are living on a small budget, and you are worried about that your children might not be able to take care of you, there are solutions waiting for you in the Philippines. Homes for elderly people or a community of like minded people who take care for each other. Why spending your life in a home for elderly people if you could avail to live among a group of people who are just like you?

Manage your own life as long you like and make your own decisions how to spend your days and nights. Be independent as long you can. Nurses and care takers in the Philippines will take care for you when it's needed. Even just a maid might be helpful enough.

No matter if you are single or a happily married couple, the Philippines are quite a good choice for you do retire. One should not make rush decisions, so if you are not sure yet, if the warmness of the climate and the kindness of the people in the Philippines suit to your needs.

Not sure yet? Come and visit us. Be our guest and let us guide you through the Philippines. We can tell you exactly what you can expect and which places might fit best to your needs. See with your own eyes if you are ready for being in paradise while you are still alive. Contact us and you will see we can offer you reasonable prices in our private small Villa. Live with us and feel the real Philippines. Get along with the habitats and then you can make your decision if you like to retire in the Philippines.

Does the climate affect your health?

You feel the pain in your body while the climate around you is changing every day. The cold air from the mountains or the permanent rain or fog stresses your health? Visit or climate page
If yes, grab your gears and visit the Philippines.
You will be astonished how open minded this incredible young population is. Retire in the Philippines and it will open new perspectives for you.

The climate with a permanent high level of warm humidity will comfort your health and things which were hard to accomplish while climate extremes causes you pain or stress, will be easy and easy going. Like the life style in the Philippines. I personally know some people who never returned home after they once experienced the new health and new perspectives which are obvious in the Philippines. What else you need to know before you decide to retire in the Philippines? Feel free and contact us for further questions.

Still fit? Want to rent your own apartment first? No problem, here at Mactan Island you will find affordable apartments.

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