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The Underground River Tour in Palawan we joined in a guided group by the TopStar Agency for 1200 P each. They do offer some really cheap tour packages. The half of the way you drive on a comfortable street and then it changes to an off-road trail. Some cemented parts are already in progress, but still an adventure and a quest for the van and your back. One way is about 2.5 Hours. There are also 20 minutes to ride in a small boat.

Palawan Underground River is one of the 7 New World Wonder

You will be impressed by the darkness of the Palawan Underground River, which is lighted only by a small torch, which one of the guests in the front of your boat carries. The Nature formed some spectacular Stalagmites. Indeed that destination is unique and a must in your tour calendar. Eat all you can while you have the included lunch. We arrived a bit later in the morning so there was not time enough left to join the Monkey Trail, which is close to the Underground river.

Close to Honda Bay, are several Hot Springs.

There you can feel the power of Nature. Relaxing and health for your skin in a unique landscape built by men. You pass the springs also on your way to one of the new 7 world wonders. The Underground River.

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