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It’s a Paradise, sanctuary to an amazing variety of flora and fauna. Palawan is the country’s biggest province in terms of land area. More than 1700 islands are surrounding that awesome landscape. The Islands are surrounded by coral shelf’s. The Mountains are canopied by broad virgin forests. The green Mountains seem to be the place of the origin of the clouds.

Puerto Princesa is the capital town of Palawan

called the City in the forest. The island is still almost untouched. Only 6 percent are developed. The income is based on fishing, farming and “tribiking”. Industrial areas are less, and even the tourism is still a young growing plant.

The destinations at Palawan are scattered all over the islands. Amazing white beaches, waterfalls and hot springs, are the most visited tourist spots.  The unique underground river is just one of them.

The roads are part of the adventure, wherever you go, about 80 Kilometers away from the capital the roads are as virgin as the forest and the construction is still in progress. Mary and I were most impressed of the uncountable colors of green and the light emotions. We stored them in our picture gallery.

Klaus has to keep care for his back. That’s why we discovered all the places which are within 3 hours from Puerto Princesa. And you know what, 7 days weren’t not enough. For couples like us the best way to discover the surroundings is hiring a Tribike. Then the driver is included and if it is Noel, who was our Tour guide, then it would be perfect. For destinations which are more far away you can hire a van and driver for yourself or join a guided Tour with a group. There are several Agencies which offers their service for affordable prices. The tours which are offered by the Hotels are a bit more expensive. We recommend contacting Noel; he always knows what is best for you.

The City office of Tourism beside the Airport Palawan also provides you with all Information’s you need. The team is friendly and helpful.

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