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Palawan offers the whole range of accommodations. Even if you did not book in advance, you will find a place which fits to your wishes. We prefer the simple resorts and hotels. That’s why we will introduce them here.

Our first 3 nights we spend in the Dangkalan Resort & Inn. A small resort, a bit far from the center of Puerto Princesa. The Resort offers a drop off to the center for free. The Rooms are simple and clean, having Aircon and TV and a private Bathroom. The Resort is one of the few, which have an own beach. The rate was 1200 Peso including breakfast and airport transfer. We liked the morning hours. The light is very special and the lagoon provides a spectacular view while having breakfast.

The Resort DeLoro was our second place, Rates between 1300 P and 1700 P including a continental breakfast and Aircon, TV, private bathroom and Airport transfer. It is closer to the center. The service could be a bit better, and fewer flies during breakfast or dinner would make it more perfect. Anyway, Puerto Princesa offers lots of different kind of Restaurants so it doesn’t really matter.

The cheapest Hotel we found in Puerto Princesa

the White View with a rate of 750 P per Room and the same standards was unfortunately fully booked, we checked the rooms; they are small but comfortable enough for 2 persons. It is also close to the center.

We also had the experience of one night in the Legend Hotel Palawan, because the Airline offered this for free, because our flight home was overbooked. This Hotel offers a luxury Standard of accommodations and since April 2008, they also offer a cheap alternative. The PADS. These rooms are new, small and some are without windows, but Aircon and TV and private bathroom are standard. The rates we do not know, but you can check them out on their own website.

And by the way, even if you are booked in the Pads, you can join the comfort of the Hotel and the breakfast, which is included, it is spectacular, compared to other resorts.

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