Palawan, Puerto Princesa Honda bay City tour

palawan prison sea view in palawan

The City Tour we joined for 500 P each. We choosed the Sanctuary Tours&Travel Agency. We booked the tour in the City office of Tourism. The Guide was Archie. A good choice. It is not a City Tour as you would expect. It leads you also into the surroundings of Puerto Princesa.

We had some nice discoveries, even the weather was not really on our side. The Butterfly Garden was our first stop. A small private Garden with plenty of Butterfly’s which are common in the region. A colorful spectacle.The crocodile farm was an additional stop, and gave us an idea about the salty and sweet water crocodiles which are still living in Palawan. On Bakers Hill we joined a cup of coffee and joined the view over the mountains down to the bay. And have you ever been in Prison? No? Than the City Tour leads you also through the Iwahig Prison. This place was built in 1904. At this time it was the worst punishment for the inmates, because of the Malaria and the hard work to urban the fields. Nowadays the prisoners are producing the Rice for all Prisons in the country and also some kinds of vegetables. The Prison still has no fences. And the inmates, who have 5 years left to live there, are allowed to live together with their families. Now the Prisoners all of the country are dreaming to be there. You see times are changing. At least it is a successful project to rehabilitate. If you like, you should buy the souvenirs in the prisons shop. One more thing, never take pictures of the inmates. Do not even think about it.

Honda Bay sea view in palawan


Honda Bay Island hopping in Puerto Princesa

That’s the place where you go for Island hopping and snorkeling. Some minutes from the center of Puerto Princesa. You can join a guided tour with a group, or charter the boat for yourself only. As we did, for a rate between 900 P and 1900 P (depends on the size of the boat), you will have a nice trip to 3 of the 1700 Islands.

On our first tour we had a small snack at the Snake Island. Don’t worry; the name is given because of the shape of that Island, not because of living snakes. There is no separate Entrance Fee. On Pandan Island are 25 P per Head and if you like to rent a small cottage than you have to ad 150 P.

When we had our second tour we let Noel, our Tour guide, prepare the lunch. Together with his wife and daughter we spend one of our most beautiful days in Palawan. The Sky over the Islands clear and blue, while the Mountains covered with clouds. Perfect, the real “Bacardi-Feeling”. Thanks to Noel and his wife.


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