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Nov 26 2015

We added our offer for the visually impaired

Oct 19 2013

We added our diary about earthquakes in the Philippines, which we have experienced.

Sept 1 2013

Read what you need to know if you are looking for a housekeeping service or maid in the Philippines.

May 13 2013

check out our new day and night sightseeing tours. Cebu Island tours.

April 28 2013

check out our new 6 days / nights discovery package and Cebu Island Round trip.

Februar 28 2013

we found this new Sailing Yacht charter service in Cebu. They also do offer Photo flights.

Happy New Year 2013

see how we spend our New Years celebration for 2013.

Sept 15 2012

We added information's about how to watch free tv.

June 20 2012

We updated our table about living costs in the Philippines.

June 17 2012

We added information's about our Hong Kong trip.

May 24 2012

We added another panorama picture about the Philippines to our Homepage.

May 21 2012

We added some information's about the climate and weather in the Philippines including 2 brand new photo montages about the sun.

May 14 2012

We added some korean,spanish , russian japanese, french and portugese information's

May 09 2012

We added information's about made in the Philippines and how to get married.


May 01 2012

We added information's about Dogs in the Philippines and updated the pictures Kadaugan Sa Mactan.

Apr 07 2012

We added a new forum Like the Philippines and we added new Panorama Pictures of Mactan Island

Feb 17 2012

We recently discovered the biggest hamburger in Cebu City.


Dec 30 2011

We added some information's about business opprtunities and vacation properties to our web site.


March 28 2011

We just launched our Web site in the new layout. We think it is now much more easier for you to find the Information's related to your interest. You will have 2 Navigation bars. One at the left and one at the right site. The ones at the right are referring deeper into the main subjects. Yes and you will find some more additional links and advertisements related to the subjects.

Enjoy our new Layout.

March 29 2011

Pictures of Cebu and Palawan are added to the Gallery

March 31 2011

Pictures of Las Vegas Show Mactan are added to the Gallery

April 10 2011

Pictures of our Trip with friends to Pandanon Island Gallery

May 25 2011

The link to the Typhoon Forecast is back at the index page.

May 26 2011

You will find now some reasons to retire in the Philippines

June 01 2011

I added 10 reasons to visit the Philippines

June 03 2011

Due to many requests, we do now offer space for advertisers at our homepage. If you like to find out how it works click here

June 07 2011

We are now offering a Newsletter click here

June 20 2011

We added new pictures about swimming with Dolphins click here

June 22 2011

We added some information's about Subic Bay Manila click here

Dec 25 2011

We added some Bohol pictures


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