New Year Philippines - New year moon 2013

The New Year in the Philippines 2013 came almost together with a full moon. Just two days apart from the state of being a full moon, the picture below was taken at December 31. 2012. The new moon cycle may a good sign for the new year 2013 in the Philippines. The new Year 2013 will be the Chinese year of the snake. Mary was born in the year of the snake.

New Year moon Philippines 2013


New Years Party Philippines at Mactan Island

This year Mary and I spend together with friends in Mb's Garden Inn, here at Mactan island in Lapu Lapu City. We spent it together with friends and had a great time. The New Years buffet was rich and yummy. The Rockband JRI was playing songs which remembered us being young in our twenties and they did quite a great job to entertain 200 guests, who were lucky to have tickets for this event. The tickets were quite affordable, just 700 PHP for men and 500 PHP for the women. A fair price considering that the buffet was very rich with plenty of choices. The drinks were all included as well.

New Year Party Philippines at Mb's Garden Inn

New Year firework Philippines

It was a great displayed firework, arranged by Mike the owner and his friendly stuff, who where busy all night long to comfort us and all the other guests. When I took the pictures, I kept my focus to have the new year moon covered by the New Year firework. The firework lasted more than 2 and a half minutes. We liked it much and had all in all an awesome time together with our friends.

New Year Firework Philippines


New Year 2013

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