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Map Negros Philippines The Island of Negros can be reached by plane via Manila or Cebu. Airports are in Dumaguete and Bacolod. One can reach Negros as well by using a ferry from Cebu City or at the south tip of Cebu Island, close to Moalboal. The bus is a cheap alternative. The bus P59 from Cebu brings you directly to Dumaguete.

Negros for travelers

Negros has a variety of landscapes created by vulcano activities. Most of the beaches are brown but with a very fine sand. A diversity of activities
is waiting for you. Hiking, canoing, cave climbing and other sportive actions are the most offered action adventures.

Stay in Negros for good

The living costs at Negros are still lower as on Cebu Island. That's why Negros is one of the favorite places for foreigners, who want to stay in the Philippines for good to enjoy their retirement.

Negros is a choice of those foreigners who like to retire for good, not being forced to work anymore. At Negros you are far away from the hectic of Cebu or Manila. The pollution is besides the small city centers no problem at all. You will find small settlements of foreigners along the road which is surrounding the whole Island of Negros. The little village of Dauin just 20 minutes apart from Dumaguete is one of those small hideaways.

How to go to Negros?

You can catch a flight to Negros from Manila or Cebu. The flight from Cebu Airport at Mactan Islands does take only 1 hour for a small fee of 1800 PHP. If you are lucky you can avail one of those insane offers for just 99 PHP.

You can reach Negros by Ferry as well. From Cebu City Ferry Harbor you can make it within 4 - 8 hours to Dumaguete, depends on which carrier you choose. Cost are between 400 and 800 PHP.

If you want to go to Negros with your own car or motor bike, you should avail the ferry close to Moal Boal in the south of Cebu Island. There you can take one of those small ferries to reach Negros in 1.5 hours.

A cheap alternative is taking the Bus from Cebu City Terminal. You will then reach Negros within 7 -8 hours. The bus will use the ferry in the south of Cebu Island. One way to explore the country and mountain areas of Cebu Island. You should not take the bus during the week, since on weekends and holidays a lot of filipinos will chose the cheaper bus ride to reach their families at Negros.

Beach resorts at Negros

The sulusunset beach resort is one of the most affordable native styled resorts close to one of the beautifullest white beaches in the Philippines. Each of the 11 cottages are roofed with nipa pal leaves and all have and electric fan. No aircondition. The room rates starts at 550 Peso and what can be more romantic as spending a night together under a mosquito net. A great choice not just for travelling on a low budget.



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