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The Philippines have 2 Miss Universe since the competition started in 1953.

Gloria Maria Aspillera Diaz won 1969 and was the first Filipina who brought the crown to the Philippines. At this time she was 22 Years old. She graduated at at St. Scholastica's College Manila. As well known Actor of the Philippines she received the Famas actor Reward from the Filipino Movie industry several times. The movie I remember is Jose Rizal from 1998.

Maria Margarita Morán Róxas-Floirendo won the Miss Universe competition in 1973. The Peal Farm Resort in Davao Samal Island is managed by her. Both are so far the only representatives Miss Universe of the Philippines.

The Miss Universe Organization

The Organization nowadays is located in new York. Owned by Donald Trumb. Selling Television rights and Movie rights is their main business. No surprise that most of the winners will take part in the movie and fashion industry as actor or model. Since candidates are single women and being single at least one year after winning the title as Miss Universe it happened that Winners, gave up their crown to get officially married. Like Armi Kuusela from Finland. She won the first official title in 1953.

The contests held every year based on the Local Miss elections in the participating countries like the elections for the Miss Philippines, are money making events for the fashion and advertising beauty industry.

TV rights spoiling billions into the pockets of the makers and nowadays even the electronic entertainment industry like X-Box appears as sponsor to make it even more present in the heads of consumers like you and I. I still refuse watching TV just to prevent myself to be brainwashed too.

Mr. Universe

While the female contest is all about beauty, the competition for men is more or less all about body building. Muscle building and body shaping. The most known Mr. Universe is Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie star and now Governor of California USA.

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