Married in the Philippines

To get married in the Philippines is widely common and part of the social bounding between couples and families. Living together without being married is still an exception though Mary and I know couples who take their time to proof if they will fit together before they might get the paper work done. Mary and I got married in 2009. The marriage in the Philippines is still influenced by the catholic church and christian believes. There is no divorce possible. Marriages get annulled only for very few special reasons and the processing is not really made easy. Couples who want to get married should think about that in the first place and making the right choice right at the beginning.

How to get married in the Philippines?

For Filipino couples it is quite easy. Both need to be at least 21 Years old. 18 Years if there is the permission of the parents. Having a certificate of birth and the certificate of non marriage. Couples will then sign the contract of marriage which is published 10 days. After that they can proceed and get married either in Church or just in the mayors office.

How to get married in the Philippines for foreigners?

The Philippine law requires additional papers for foreigners who wants to get married in the Philippines. At least the legal capacity certification and a proof of citizenship. Some foreign countries have additional requirements. So be advised to contact your local office of marriage or your embassy in the Philippines. Google for "embassies in the Philippines" and you will find your embassy listed in the search results.They will held further information's for you prepared. Germans will find information's to download here in German language. No matter which country you are coming from, the official language in the Philippines is English. Means all papers have to be translated and confirmed by your embassy, before you can present them to the local offices.

There are several agencies in the Philippines who are offering help to get the paper work done. People who are Expats in that field. If you are in Cebu we can strongly recommend to use the Wedding Service of Paul and his wife. They have quite a big experience and will guide you through the processing and be your personal expat wedding planner until you finally spend your honey moon at one of the 7100 Islands in the Philippines. Just go on reading our website and we are sure you will find the dream location where you like to start your new life as married couple.

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