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Manila is the pulsing cultural heart of the Philippines. Here u can find plenty of activities to discover the lifestyle of the people. Join the differences between a modern capital and the natural lifestyle.
A main part of the Nightlife in Manila happens near by the Manila Bay, where u can have a walk, have some snacks and listen to lots of different musicstyles, which are presented on some stages.
Actually this spot is closed and was moved to the new Baywalk at the Asia Mall. Sorry to say, but Manila lost one reason to be visited. The new Baywalk is far away to be like the old one at Manila Bay.

To be the pulsing heart does also mean that the Town is overcrowded, the pollution is worst, the Bay smells like it would be the sink of the town, waste is floating in the water and sometimes the traffic is that much terrible, that one ride for 6 kilometers can last up to 2 hours. The taxi drivers always try to trick you and mostly trying to off their meter. Be aware of that.

We are visiting Manila, sometimes, because of the German Embassy which is always kindly and helpful. Until now we didn't discover the surroundings of the town, which should be much nicer places as Manila itselfs.

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