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Manila City Tours

Manila MemorialYou can find some offers for City Tours in your Hotel. Better ask one of the travel agencies because they are cheaper. Some tours will lead you into the surroundings of Manila, showing you some interesting places like Waterfalls or mountain views. We did not join one of those tours, because of the traffic, you never know how long it takes to bring you there, and how long you can stay there, because of the way back. So we decided to have one of the City tours.

Sorry to tell you, but it wasn't really a good experience for several reasons. The price is 1800 Peso each Person, all entrance fees encluded, it should lead you to some churches, to the old Fortress, to the Manila Memorial of the fallen Soldiers, and one Museum of History.

But, the tour guide was late, and driver and tourguide always trying to ask for additional entrance fees. When they realised that this doesn't work, they stopped only, on locations, which have no entrance fee and just passed by the other goals to tell us where they are located.

This happens to many of visitors, whom we were talking to. Anyway, we will try it again, and then we are already aware and might be we will see something more interesting in Manila then just the Memorial above.

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