Malapascua Philippines

Malapascua Island is located at the north tip of Cebu Island. You will reach Malapascua within 2.5 – 5 hours depending on the traffic and if you drive with a car or if you do use one of the bus lines. If you go by Car or by taxi, you will leave Cebu on the National road going north, passing Liloan and several other small cities located along the coast. You will follow the National road to BOGO and short before you reach Bogo, a sign will lead you to the right to the direction of Medellin. Simply follow the main road going straight to Maya. There is as small harbor waiting for you and you can reach Malapascua either by one of the public transportation (pump boats) or by one of the private carriers.

Malapascua Logon Beach Philippines

After 35 minutes you will arrive at Logon beach if you have chosen the public carrier, or right away at your final destination if you took a private connection. The public carrier asks you for 80 – 100 Peso and if there is low tide you may have to use a small boat to reach the beach. From there you can reach all resorts within in few minutes.

Malapascua Philippines diving with tresher sharks

Malapascua is known for the tresher sharks and manta rays, which can be sighted on a regular base. That's why Malapascua is one of the top destinations for scuba diving in the Philippines. Corals can be found as well and the small Island is hosting several scuba diving schools and resorts.

Malapascua Philippines (north beach)

Mary and I together with some friends stayed in the Exotic Diving Resort located at the bounty beach. The resort is owned by a dutch and offers a variety of international food in the restaurant, which is located right in front the bounty beach. In the distance you can see Leyte while having your meals at the Exotic Diving Resort at Malapascua.

Malapascua Bounty Beach Philippines

If you like Mary and Klaus are picking you up at the Airport and carry you and your friends (up to 4) person to Maya, where you can take the pump boat to start your scuba diving experience withe the tresher sharks in Malapasuca. 3000 PHP one way. We also pick or drop you from other destinations. Just contact us and we will guide you safe and sound to Malapascua.


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