Made in the Philippines

is not that often mentioned as for example made in Germany or made in Japan. Product of the Philippines are widely underestimated in terms of quality and availability. Since I am living in the Philippines I made a lot of researches and met factory owners manufacturers. I have to say they are some really high quality products produced and exported from the Philippines.

Hand made in the Philippines

The Filipinos are gifted with their handcraft skills, so it does not surprise that products like jewelry are highly demanded. In case of the jewelries native resources like shells, horn, and wood are used to create unique pieces of bangles and necklaces and dependents which are outstanding from the crowed. The low costs for labor and for the native materials let them appear as cheap fashion jewelry at the market, but this is just because of the low price. In fact they are jewelries at a glance and will easily compete with jewelries from high level brands which are just known because of famous designers names and Fashion models. Tattoos made in the Philippines are one more reason for a lot of people.

Custom made in the Philippines

with the same skillful hands Filipinos are famous for custom made products. Unique pieces as the customer is asking for. One example are custom made bronze sculptures or sculptures in general. Artists from all over the world are visiting the Philippines art foundry for their casting needs. And even private people who are not that into art, but looking for custom gifts and sculptures are using Filipino artists to realize their ideas. They order paintings, based on photos or sketches. Bronze sculptures in any size are made for people who like to have an exclusive gift for their loved ones. Pet owners do like to have a statue of their dogs or other animals. Just sending some pictures to the Philippines and then they will receive a sculpture which is custom made and fits the original like a twin, but made of bronze, resin or even gold.

Factory made in the Philippines

A lot of companies like Timex or Pentax have chosen the Philippines to produce and finalize their products which do need a high amount of manually labor. The low costs but high skills of the workers let Factories grow in the industrial areas. Here at Mactan Island where we live on, are several of them. One is owned by the danish designer Jens Henrik Hansen, who decided to built a titanium jewelry factory in Lapu Lapu city. ZEEZEN is the brand. Well recognized for innovative and beautiful designs.

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