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The Lonely Planet Travel book about the Philippines is one of our most reliable source of authentic travelers information's about the Philippines.

The Lonely Planet team works different than the most travel guides. If a hotel or destination in is asking to be represented in their book. They will not be listed until an independant person has secretly visited and personally experienced what the Hotel is promising in their Advertisement.

Some others Travel guides will just ask for a fee to insert the advertisement into their books. That makes the Lonely Planet Philippines (Country Guide) to our favorite. The Philipines Travel book written by Jens Peters is definitly our second choice. Some others call it the "Bible of the Philippines.

For sure if you stay in our private rooms you will get one of those but we kindly ask you to return it when you leave.

Both travel books have bunch of Information's about, Hotels, Restaurants, top destinations for Divers and those who want to relax at white tropical beaches in the Philippines. Map's will show you how to reach your Destination.

Go on reading at our private Travel guide and see why the Philippines will be a good choice of yours for your next vacation.

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