How much you need for a living in the Philippines?

In general one can say that you can survive on a low budget in the Philippines more likely as on a low budget in US or Europe. In figures generaly spoken

30000 PHP means you have an average living. 45000 PHP you have a comfortable living, 60000 PHP and you won't miss anything and above that, all is just fun.

Costs for Homes, Condos, Real Estate

Renting a house costs between 5000 and 36000 PHP. Condos will cost you 8000 - 60000 PHP. Those costs depends on where you like to stay and our shown prices are just examples so that you have an idea. Some foreigners, who prefer to stay alone even decided to rent a room in a resort for 12000 -15000 PHP. If you don't need to cook for yourself that's quite a good choice because Aircondition and elcetricity and water are already included.

Costs for Energy, Telephone and DSL Internet connection

The costs per kilowatt energy vary from region to region, but for a better understanding we can tell you that we pay 4500 PHP for our energy bill. Running one aircon , 2 PC's and a Refrigerator 24/7. Plus lights and other electronic devices. Just what a normal household with 3-5 people needs.

DSL for the Internet and free regional call unlimited do cost us 1700 PHP with the 1.5 MB DSL connection included.

You can avail other plans as well. For example Telephone = 650 PHP plus 1999 PHP for a 3 MB Internet DSL connection.

Costs for groceries in the Philippines

If you are on a low budget and willing to eat more like what the filipino kitchen provides than 8000 PHP will feed you. ( Rice is 24-50 PHP per kilo.) Mary and I are used to my European styled menu so we do spend 20000 PHP just because Mary really like to celebrate cooking. On the other hand we seldom go out for dinner or lunch.

Table of costs per unit in the Philippines

Unsorted and of course not complete, but updated from time to time. Unit costs are examples of what we like to purchase, of course you might cheaper or more expensive alternatives.

Table of living costs in the Philipines
Description Unit Price PHP
Energy kilwowatt/hour 7
Gasoline Super 95 Octan/liter 56
Diesel liter 47
Health Insurance one person age 40 -49 per year 3500
coffee 500 g 150
Beef - meat kilo 240
Pork - meat kilo 180
Chicken whole chicken 160
Potatoes kilo 68
Rice kilo 48
Gas for cooking 12 kilo 900
Drinking water 12.5 liter 40
tap water 5 people in a month 200
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