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Singing Karaoke is the favorite of filipinos, ranged very far ahead of watching TV or playing Game boy. You can find the Video/Karaoke machines around every corner and some families have their own at home.

Young people like the public discos which are hammering their bassfull music all across the neighborhood.

Sundays and Saturdays, after church the public beaches are the destination of the whole family. Filipinos join the private beaches for special occasions only.Lunch and Dinner Packages are prepared at home and the families are conquering the beautiful beach spots Shopping with the whole family is also possible on sundays. The malls are opened until 10 PM.
Families who have a car also like to have a short trip.

The influence of the catholic church is strong.
Muslims are more settled on Mindanao, outside of this island u can find only small communities.

Schools in the Philippines

All kids have to go to school. The system of education is separated in public and private. The public schools are free and the standards are still poor. One year elementary school in a private school costs minimum 36000 Peso. School uniform and books included.

The gap between public and private is quiet big. As more it is not really clear, why the teachers in public schools mostly have an higher salary?

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