Island Hopping Philippines by Palm boat

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Island hopping is a must. 7100 Island to be discovered. That means that you can go and rent one of the small palm-boates at almost every beach. The costs are between 1500 and 4500 peso to rent it. Depends on the size and the lenght of the tour.

Take a palmboat and have fun at one of the tropical islands beaches. Island hopping is a great idea for divers and those who like snorkeling through the cristal clear waters.

A very unique unforgettable Island hopping Tour is offered by Go Island hopping with photo models and have an incredible picture shooting adventure. They are located in Cebu - Mactan Island.

You will find some great coral reefs and fish sanctuary close to your place, wherever you are in the Philippines. Just ask your host for the best opportunities and maybe they will tell you about some secret under water destinations. Our recommendation is the Talima Beach Resort at Olango Island. You can start your Island hopping at Mactan Island and then you can go snorkeling in the Talima fish sanctuary.

Don't forget to take some sun protection, the sun at the open water during the boat ride is reaching you, even if you are under the shadow of the roof of your palm boat.

Island hopping by plane

Islandhopping by plane is quite easy and offordable. Almost every main Island in the Philipines can be reached by plane. Sometimes even cheaper than taking a ferry. Mactan islands hosts the airport of Cebu and is located in the center of the Philippines. This makes it very comfortable to visit other islands like Palawan, Bohol, Mindanao, Negros and of course Manila.

Island hopping by ferry

One can reach those islands and different cultural regions of the Philippines as well by taking one of the ferries. The ferry harbor hosts all main ferry companies. No matter if you want to have a fast ride with one of those superfast ferries. For those who like to take their own car or motor bike to other Islands, the ferries are the best choice to make. Island hopping is then even more easier, if you carry your own transportation with you.

What is Island hopping?

Actually the term Island hopping is originated and was often used by the US troops during WWII for their tactic to conquer Island by Island towards their way to Japan.

Let's hope that won't happen again and Island hopping remains as fun for adults and kids. We like the way nowadays the term Island hopping is used, we just thought to tell you something more about it. No you know what is Island hopping. Enjoy and have fun with your family and friends.

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