Hong Kong a symphony of lights - our Hong Kong Trip

Hong Kong Symphony of lightsA symphony of lights and colors is not just beeing displayed at the bay walk of Kowloon in Hong Kong. In fact Hong Kong is a melting pot of colors and cultures. People from all over the world are crowding the streets and the Skylines in Hong Kong are just one of the reasons to have a trip to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong the financial Center - The new China

Since Hong Kong is not anymore independant people where concerned which direction the City will take under the leadership of China. It is still the financial center of the World and increasing it's meaning as center of the new "chinese power" as well. A city under continous construction and developement.

Hong Kong Kowloon bay view panorama

Kowloon Hong Kong sightseeing and shopping

During our trip to Hong Kong we stayed at the Madison Mansion building at Nathan Road in the heart of Kowloon. This building hosts several guest houses at a room rate between 200 and 350 HKD. We stayed in the Mei Lam Guest house. The room was quiete, clean and came with aircondition for 350 HKD. The place is a Mecka for traveler on a low budget. Almost every tourist spot can be reached by walking and the night life and shops are just around the corner. It is located in the 5th floor. Take the first elevator after you enter the building to the right side and you will end up right in front the frontdesk of the Mei Lam Guesthouse.

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How to travel around in Hong Kong

Traffic and Skyscrapers in Hong KongUsing the Metro (subway rail way) MTR is the most convinient way to travel around in Hong Kong. From Kowloon to the the Center destrict it costs 8.50 HKD. The automatic teller machines makes it easy to find your way through. Travelling by bus is a convinient way as well. From Kowloon back to the Airport the A21 bus brings you there for 33 HKD.

Travel to the Peaks of Hong Kong

The peaks view Hong KongOn our second day we made a trip to the Peaks of Hong Kong. Unfortunately the weather was a kinda to much humid and the sight was not as good as we were hoping for to take some impressive pictures of the Hong Kong Panorama. We took the MTR (Kowloon - Center Station) and from there we took the Bus No. 15. For our way back down we chose the Tram. Which is wuite more expensive (40 HKD) but we wanted to have that experience and yeah it was a good decision and we saved almost 1 hour for the way going back to the Center Station.

more about Hong Kong.........Hell yeah i have to admit, I edited some more blue sky into the original pictures.

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Hong Kong

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