By entry from Europe or US and most of other countries special vaccinations are not prescribed. Vaccinations about Tetanus, Diphtheria and Poliomyelitis Hepatitis A are just recommended.
Against special risks, in rural areas (soz./ sex. contact eczema) additional vaccinations about typhoid fever Hepatitis B , Rabies or Japanese Encephalitis are recommendet.
Malaria: Middle till high risk depending from the regions.
The islands Bohol, Cebu, Catanduanes and Leyte are considered as free of Malaria.

Health & Travel Insurance

If you are visiting the Philippines for a short holiday only, your travel insurance,which you probably already have is good to cover your needs. If you are planning to stay longer or settle down you need to think about your health insurance first. I do trust my health insurance agent Franz Herbich and the Blue Cross medical insurance. He is always around, when i need help. He knows all about insurance in the Philippines and will always find the best solution which fits to your needs. I am proud that he let me do his web design.

Blue Cross

Does the climate affect your health?

You feel the pain in your body while the climate around you is changing every day. The cold air from the mountains or the permanent rain or fog stresses your health?

If yes, grab your gears and visit the Philippines.

You will be astonished how open minded this incredible young population will open new perspectives for you. The climate with a permanent high level of warm humidity will comfort your health and things which were hard to accomplish while climate extremes causes you pain or stress, will be easy and easy going. Like the life style in the Philippines. I personally know some people who never returned home after they once experienced the new health and new perspectives which are obvious in the Philippines. 7100 Islands are waiting for you to be discovered.

If you already made your decision to retire in the Philippines, this Website will show you an incredible place to live. Subscribe for the newsletter and stay in touch with expats who know what they are talking about.


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