Facebook or how the world has changed

When I was looking for the most used keywords through the net, I couldn't trust my eyes, I thought I need to get some new glasses.

Facebook appeared to have 3.800.000.000 results per month in average. That is the number how often people search in Google for the keyword Facebook.

Then I got curious how many people might look for Jesus. 3.800.000 results per month.

Now in the modern age of Facebook and Co. the meaning of life and our understanding of social interaction seems to be turned head side up.

I do miss the times that family members and friends came together to celebrate a Birthday, coming together to play a Board game, or enjoying to watch old family pictures sitting around a table.

Nowadays it seems to be enough to send a short "Like" to each other and we think that is the way how friends and family keep in touch. No time left for Board games. The new Icons are "Garden of time" or other Facebook integrated Games.

People are spending hours and hours to upload their pictures mostly alone in their house and seeking for comments and likes. Are we really drifting away to be able to socialize in real life.

Are we getting lost in the faked Facebook World?

The final question of mine is who changed first?

Did we change and were waiting for Facebook or did Facebook change us?

Just to let you know I do not spend more than 10 minutes a day in Facebook. We still play Board games and I still like to see my pictures which I took printed on paper. Seems I am a Dinosaur am I?

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