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Earthquakes along the "Ring of Fire" are not uncommon. So in the Philippines as the Philippines are located in the center of tectonic activity and smaller earthquakes are measured daily. This is a list of earthquakes issued by the Philippine government. Here we do keep track of the earthquake event which we could feel since Klaus is living in the Philippines.

The earthquake Oct. 15 2013 Bohol Philippines

At 8.12 AM in the morning we were surprised by a 7.1 magnitude quake at breakfast. First, it felt as if a heavy truck like our garbage disposal truck was standing in front of the house and then the intensity increased and we realized that it was a quake. The earth shook more than a minute and we all left the house, and watched from the street while the house shook, telephone lines swayed and we listened to a cup from the breakfast table to fall. More damage we could not even watch the house shows no cracks, just a couple of floor tiles in both the ground floor and the first floor are loose. They did not really withstood the vibrations but also due to the fact that no expansion joints are available.

The earthquake Febr. 2012 on Negros Philippines.

On 6 February at lunch time we got surprised by a quake of magnitude 6.9. The center was nearly 200 miles away from us, while the Earthquake on Bohol even took place only 50 kilometers away from us. No Damages were recorded at Mactan Island and Cebu.

Damage from the quake of Bohol 15 October

Here on Mactan Iceland an old septic tank was cracked, and seriously affected the standing nearby houses. However, no personal injury that had emerged from it.

The city of Cebu and the island of Bohol were not that lucky. Old churches, shopping centers, roads and tourist facilities were affected. Even the observation deck on the "Chocolate Hills" was destroyed suffered as well as some of the chocolate hills damage. Casualty figures are mentioned in the press between 150 and 200.

Aftershocks in the Philippines

Today, 96 hours after the initial quake the tectonic activities still hold on. This was also the case in, 2012. At that time the earth was even once more quaked with a magnitude of 6.2. This time, however, we are so close to the center, we also feel these smaller quakes between 3.5 and 5, especially since we can clearly feel those too. In 2012 we had a lot of aftershocks as well but due to the distance we felt only the bigger ones.

Aftershocks earthquake philipipines oct 20 2013

It's always freighting because you never know how hard those aftershocks are going to happen. If and when they happen, and how these numerous smaller quakes weakens the structure of the buildings. One thing we learned from the earthquake of 2012, and placed an emergency kit near the front door which provides the most essential things you need if you have to spend the night or day outdoors. This was handy and our family especially the kids have always taken the emergency kit.

Who first comes out, carries the emergency kit.


Earthquake in the Philippines, our private journal and diary.

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