Dumaguete Negros Philippines

Belfry the landmark of Dumaguete Dumaguete is the capital city of Negros oriental. Though it is the largest district and City of Negros Oriental Dumaguete not even 150.000 people living there.

Dumaguete is considered as university city and young people not just from Negros like to study there. Maybe that's one of the reasons why Dumaguete is nicknamed as the "City of gentle people"

Not so gentle might be the traffic in the city center it appears to be quite unorganized but as soon you leave the Center it's almost a pleasure to room around with your car or motorcycle. The Belry is the most recognized landmark of Dumaguete. Dumaguete hosts a small airport with a short landing strip and you can reach Dumaguete using a ferry.

Shopping in Dumaguete

If you are living in the province of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete is the place where you go shopping. Though you won't find those big shiny malls, you can go shopping for appliances or groceries. Some small shops with imported goods are there provided by foreigners who try to keep the stock filled up for you with sausages, cheese, imported steaks and other things, which you might not find in the local shopping malls.

Hotels and Resorts in Dumaguete

The hotels and resorts in Dumaguete are much more affordable as in Cebu or Mactan Island. One can find an aircondinioned clean room for just 800 PHP, though thoses for 1500 PHP do provide a high standard already for breakfast and other services. Since some of our friends are living close to Dumaguete, we can hook you up with them and you might like to stay with one of our friends. Contact us if you have questions.

Restaurants in Dumaguete?

Though the city is not really that big, you can find a number of good places to hang out or having a meal. You can avail from native filipino restaurants up to the more international orientated offers of Europeans and Amiracans.

What else to do in Dumaguete?

Dumaguete is aslo the meeting and start point for excursion into the country side. Several Agencies are offering Tours to waterfalls and go hiking through the volcanoe landscape into the mointains.

Anything else goes as well. Watersport activities and even more adventures travel experiences are waiting for you.

The Casaro Falls in Victoria can be reached from Dumaguete and one of the most exciting tours is offered to visit the Caves in Mabinay. You will find out why Mabinay is called the muncipal cave city of the world, as the locals say, there are more than 400 hidden caves. 45 of them had been recognized by the Belgium Dutch Philipines Club.


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