Dogs in Cebu, Lapu Lapu City, Philippines

Mary and I get often asked where to buy a dog in the Philippines. Since we are not really experts in that field I'd like you to introduce you to This free classified advertising service will answer all your questions about dogs and where to buy them. Simply type in your location and the kind of dog you are looking for and you will get the closest results. If you like to see what kind of advertisings we placed, you can follow us to sulit or start your search right now. You will find dog food suppliers, breeders and dog trainer there as well.

Some thoughts about dogs in the Philippines

Mary and I do feel pitty for all the dogs who are rooming around through the streets. One can see all kinds of them more or less boomers without someone who cares for them. The news are full of Rabies. In 2011 there had been over 150 reported cases about deadly ending dog bites caused by rabies. A vaccination is available here in the Philippines, so if you have to renew your protection, you should do it.

A dog can be not just a good friend. It will protect your properties if you train them well. There are places and breeders, who offer such training for your dog. A good idea to find the best training is to ask the security people who often use dogs for protection and other police jobs. Or again use Sulit to find your dog trainer or dog training camp in the Philippines. We found this Forum about Cebu Dog clubs. Seems to be a rich source of information's.

We haven't yet found a seller for trained guide dogs for the visually impaired. If you know one, please contact us.


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