Scuba Diving in the Philippines Cebu Mactan Island Visayas

Wreck Diving in Mactan Cebu Visaya Philipines Every Sports fan has his favorite. Climbers have to go to Nepal to see the Mount Everest.
Surfers are dreaming about Hawai. For Skiing the people want to see the Alps of Switzerland. For Scuba Divers the Philippines are the goal to reach, and if they had been here, they will come back.

The underwater environment is still intact, the different kinds of ocean creatures and coral reefs are the reason, why scuba divers, can't resist seeing this unique underwater world.

Wreck diving

Wreck divers, have plenty of choices, from ancient ship wrecks up to the wrecks of WW 2
. The map on the right shows a variety of different scuba dive spots in the Visayans.

Wreck diving Philippines

Scuba Diving in Cebu Mactan Island

Cebu is the divers Paradise. Within the heart of the Philippines divers find lots of divespots, and reach the most beautifullest locations. The local dive instructors are friendly and knows what is recommended for divers from all over the world.

And notice...compared to diving resorts in egypt or somewhere else the Philippine divespots are still quiet and not overcrowded. Under water u can hear the silence of the ocean.
Cebu is the first choice for divers, because all other places u can reach from here very easy and comfortable.

Diving, Klaus and Mary ---- this will not fit together... No way.....we are still afraid. Our informations are well proofed by EMI the Dive instructor, a close friend to our family. But he do not really like to take pictures, so we are afraid you have to take them by yourself when you are here.

Pictures from Jens Hofmans Gallery

On Mactan Island your first choice to explore the underwater world should be Jens Hofmann. His experience will be your advantage to discover more as common. Diving with Jens.

Diving in Coron at Busuanga Island Palawan

Diving at Busuanga IslandThe Rocksteady Dive Center is a full-service Dive Centre, under German management, located in the uprising, beautiful town Coron/Palawan/Philippines.


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