Dating in the Philippines Filipinas are caring women

Mary and KlausMy Filipina wife and I met online first, more by chance than intended. We are now married and I am living with her in the Philippines since 2006. During that time we met a lot of people who also are married with Filipina women. As we were talking about how we met, everybody was quite astonished that the most of us couples did not meet online first. Dating online seems not that much efficient as it turned out, because the risks are quite high to get scammed.

In fact in the Philippines it is very much common that even married Filipina trying to find a foreign chat mate. And while the conversation is lasting longer, the financial problems start getting bigger. It begins with a small amount for keeping up the online connections, and then it might be some school books or a pair of shoes which is needed. A member of the family will get sick and is admitted to the hospital and hundreds of more reasons will be found to ask the chat mates for money. Mary and I witnessed that a lot and so we decided not to recommend online dating.

Does age really matter if it comes to a relationship with a young filipina?

Age does not matter to be short. There are plenty of married couples in the Philippines where the gap between his and her age is not seldom more than 20 years. That's quite normal. Of course it is not always easy to keep up with the young speedy life of a filipina when you are at the age of 60 plus. You might need to make some compromises. But after all where in life you haven't? Just realize that filipinas or generally spoken asian women do not really care about the age of a man. They do care about their families and children. They do expect that you are willing to support their family and then they will take care for you in return. It's that simple.

What's wrong with getting a smile at the street even you past the 50 already? Isn't it comfortable to feel young while surrounded by all those young people in the Philippines, while in your country nobody would turn the head after you?

Dating spots in the Philippines

Well there is not that much of a difference to Europe or US and everywhere else. You meet your filipina at all places where you are most comfortable. It may be in a coffeshop or a discothek or restaurant. Take her out to places she likes and find out what you two are up for. Just don't date online. There are way too much scammers out there.



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