Conversion Converter for your calculation

Since we are living in the Philippines and the Philippines are indeed a pool of different people and cultures, you will find so many different measurement units while you go shopping. If it is the length, weight, area or measurement for volume you will always have to convert them into the one measurement system which you are used to.

I am used to the Measurement units in Germany. You might be from US or England and not everybody has learned all those different conversion specifics. Neither did I, so I was searching for a free converter which is easy to use and available in the Internet, so I can access it any time in case I need it, without using a calculator.

The currency calculation is easy to accomplish with the Yahoo currency converter, but what about:

Convert length and destinations? Convert volume? Convert weight and mass? Convert area? Convert temperature?

Even worse converting cooking measures and astronomical units. I thought it will be easy to find them, but since converters for videos or video games, converters for music do rule the search engines I was finally glad that I have found a free converter which helps to answer all my converting questions at one place.

You might like it too. No need to search for, you just found it. Just scroll up to the link above.