Going to the cinema and watch some movies in Cebu or Lapu Lapu City Philippines

Watching movies is quite a family fun in the Philippines. Mary and I do like to hang out sometimes and enjoy a good movie, if it comes in a high quality. Means great Sound and a big screen.

IMAX Quality would be our best choice. The Imax in SM Mall is just fine but most of the time we try to watch our movies in one of the Ayala Mall cinemas. Just for one reason, we do like to have a nice dinner at the terraces before the film starts.

Movies are shown in almost every Qualiity level such as 3D, and IMAX with Dolby Theater surround sound.

A list with all the cinemas in Cebu and Mactan with movie schedules can be found here

What we do not really like are the cinemas in Lapu Lapu City. They are simply not at the highest standard and what we don't like the most is the fact, that people are continiously coming in or going out during the movie is already running. But therefor the cinema in Gaisano Mactan is more cheap. Mark and his school mates like it before it is close and of course not much pocket money has to be spend for the fare going to Cebu.

If you like to watch free tv at home you should check out the free channels which we have found so far in english and other languages.


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