Cebu Shopping Malls - Ayala vs. SM

Ayala Mall Cebu CityIt's about shopping in Cebu or Mactan Island. Other places might be different, as closer you are to the country sites. For general, all you need you can buy here, but sometimes you have to know where and when.

Ayala shopping mmall at night

Our daily needs like bread, sugar and rice we buy in the public market. It's close to our home and we can buy the goods coming fresh from the region. Or we buy some goods in one of the nearby supermarkets. On Mactan Island you can find 3 supermarkets. The Nueva close to the public market, the Gaisano close to the City Hall and The Marina Mall close to the Airport.

For other goods we go to SM or Ayala Super Mall in Cebu. There you can find all and everything, clothes, furniture's, shoes, supplies and appliances. Valuable items like electronic devices we try to purchase outside of the Philippines. Hong Kong is our favorite Shopping City. Read how you can save money while shopping in Hong Kong.

Lazada is our first choice if it comes to online shopping. They offer cash on delivery. So no risk at all. They do deliver within 48 hours right to our door steps.

We like the place also, because of its long Fiesta Strip and the new Northwing Strip at Ayala, where we can have a sit, a shadow place and we join a brewed coffee and sometimes lunch too. The new terraces at the Ayala Mall are now competing with the SM Northwing.

If you like to get some more specific informations about shopping and the day to day expenses, then we recommend to visit You know we do not paste and copy information's which are already presented.

Is there good coffee in the Philippines, is one of the most questions to us, which can be answered with yes.


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