Cebu Philippines centrum of culture and business

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Cebu Island is the island in the center of the Visayans. So it does not surprise that it is developed as business and cultural center. Hosting the international Airport and the City of Cebu the main place for industrial and commercial areas.

The Island is well protected by the surrounding mayor Islands Bohol and Negros.

For people who arrive first in the Philippines Cebu Island is a good start to get used to the tropical climate and to start further expeditions through the Philippines.

One can reach smaller island by palmboat, bigger ones with the ferries and of course the most top destinations in the Philippines can be reached by plane.

Cebu City hosts a variety of hotels of any kind. Most of the Cebu Hotel rates are between 1000 PHP and 6000 PHP depends on the standard you are looking for.

Cebu City has not really that much of sightseeing spots. Those which you are maybe interested in, are listed at our Cebu day tours.

Of course the nightlife is one reason why Cebu is known. The bars and restaurants are open until late night.


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