Moalboal diving and adventures at Cebu Island

Moalboal, Beach resort in Moalboal Moalboal diving in Moalboal

A trip to the south west of Cebu leads you through several small villages. The roads are good enough to rent a motorbike and to do it by yourself. Then you have the chance to enjoy the landscape and you can stop at any time you like.

You will reach Moalboal after 4-5 hours depends on how often you stop for taking pictures on the way. Divers will find some Scuba Diving Centers for their diving needs in Moalboal.

Moalboal the home of the Planet Action Team

Planet Action, adventures in Moalboal Philippines Cebu IslandPlanet Action offers a wide range of adventures in Moalboal. There are so many more action than just diving in Moalboal. Trecking tours through the mountains or waterfall climbing in the hills of Moalboal. The Planet action team is located at Panagsama Beach, 6032 Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines. It is runned by a german and is well reknown as meeting point for adventurers from all over the world. The Planet Action Team offers accommodation in the Tipolo Beach resort where Mary and I like to stay because of the exquisite quisine. Go mountain biking or volcano climbing with the Planet action Team, which keeps you save and leads you to incredible places which you probably would miss without the planet action team. They will lead you through a vulcano hiking tour at Negros Island. The huts of Mayas native Garden Resort are a good choice to spend your days in Moalboal as well.

Moalboal is simply more than just the capital of diving in the Philippines, adventures and family friendly tours are at the top of activities. More adventure you can book at

Resorts in Moalboal

Blue Orchid Resort MoalboalThe Resorts in Moalboal offer room rates between 1500 and 6000 peso/ night. We prefere the ones which are in the range between 1500 and 2000 PHP. The Blue Orchid Resort is far most the quietest place which you can find in Moal Boal. The


Moalboal sightseeing and agriculture

Orchid Gallery MoalboalThe orchid garden gallery is one of those places and the nearby Kawasan Falls in Badian are always worth to be visited. Mary And I like to ride with our scooter through the mountains nearby and we are quite impressed, how the agriculture is growing from year to year.

Agriculture Moalboal Palmtree

No surprise, that a school for argriculture is a central part of the new developement of agriculture in Moalboal.





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