Cebu Island Philippines- Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls take a shower under the Fall Kawasan Falls taking shower under the Falls
panorama image cebu soth west coast

A trip to the south west of Cebu leads you through several small villages. The roads are good enough to rent a motorbike and to do it by yourself. Then you have the chance to enjoy the landscape and you can stop at any time you like.

You will reach Moalboal after 4-5 hours depends on how often you stop for taking pictures on the way. The Kawasan Falls are 30 km south of Moalboal in the small town Badian.

The above shown panorama we "shot" on the way to Badian. A small village, where you can find the Kawasan Falls. Not really that kind of spectacular fall, but a nice place to walk along the river while you are covered from the shadows of the trees. And having a shower under the fall is fun. Try it.

Mary and I do appriciate the decision of the local Governeur, to rebuilt the illegal errected buildings close to the Waterfalls. The Kawasan Waterfalls will look like much better. The Waterfalls in Barili which are reachable at the same trip are worth to have a look at as well.

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