Cebu Island the heart of the Visayan Islands

Cebu Island Map Cebu VisayanCebu Island is well known for it's diving spots and for the people here it's the business center of the Visayan Islands. Cebu Island is your first choice to have some tours to discover the Philippines, because of it’s central position in the Visayan's.

Wherever you stay at Cebu Islands you can easy travel to the surrounding islands like Bohol, Negros and even Leyte. No matter if you like to explore the north tip of Cebu Island, where the tresher sharks are waiting for you at Malapascua, or if you are interested to meet the whale sharks more south, Cebu Island has a variety of top destinations for you to go.

Guided Cebu Island tours at affordable rates are offered by Mary and Klaus.

For Island hopping to the small islands close by you take a small boat, for others you can use the ferries or planes. The Airport is always close by and that makes it easy to jump from one destination to the next in the Visayan.

You can join and organize this adventures by yourself or you can choose one of the offered packages.
Cebu City is the bustling center for business and all your shopping needs.

Cebu Island picture of the Bay close to Barili

If you travel around Cebu Island you will catch a lot of this incredible panorama views. This panoroama is taken on the way to Moalboal right after you leave the city Barili which hosts the Mantayupan Falls. Cebu Island has so much more to offer. Take a look at the right Navigation bar.

Relax and create your Art work in the Sculpture Garden Philippines at Cebu Island Liloan

or just hang out and try one of their fruit wines. The sculpture garden offers clean affordable airconditioned rooms at reasonable prices. You will find the sculpture garden Philippines on the way out of Cebu to the north tip of the Island in the city of Liloan, where you can also go for wreck diving.



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