Made in Philippines Business Opportunities

Though the Philippines are still struggling with the worlds market situation and still having some reputation issues this country offers a wide range of business opportunities and ideas mad in the Philippines.

As Foreigner you need to be aware that you always will have to find a trustworthy filipino person which is at least co owner of your business. Foreigners can't own a business 100 percent but there are a variety of contract constellations which allows you to act alone.

There are also trustfully suppliers for goods you might like to import for your local business. Fruits and Coconut products are well known and of course Philippines hand crafted native jewelries.

If you are planning to get into a business with Philippine companies or if you like to rise your own business in the Philipines, we do advice you to have personal contacts first, and properly arranged contracts. Then you know with whom you are dealing with.

Mary and I can help you to find partners which will fit to you without asking for commission and fees in advance.

If you look for a start-up location, take a look.

The best thing to do would be to have a vacation to learn more about the country and here we can connect you to Expats who have a lots of experiences to get your contracts and other requirements done. Safe and quicker as it could be done from far away.

office space for rent in Makati


Made in the Philippines, handmade and industrial manufactured

You are a retailer for jewelry?

If your are looking for native fashion jewelry we can recommend Gigi Trading. Jelita ( the owner) is a friend of us and her web site is just growing. You can feel free to contact her, to get a catalogue of her collection made in the Philippines which is indeed unique and interesting prized for retailer. She is one of the trusted suppliers in the Philippines and you might like to order directly.

Another trusted jewelry brand is ZEEZEN. Jens Henrik Hansen and his company for Titanium Jewelry is well known all over the world and retailer will like the uniquely designed exchangeable magnetic lock system for his collections. A perfect example for success of made in the Philippines.

Art foundry Herbich International

Get your art work casted into bronze or any other material. Sculptures, Fountains, Figurines and Reliefs in any size manufactured in the Philippines at local costs by German high quality standards. Art and Bronze Foundry Herbich International.

Shell Jewelry

Shells from the Philippines are a great source for jewlery.

Top Model Careers

Start your career as Top Model or find other jobs and career opportunities in the Philippines.



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