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Bohol map graphic PhilippinesGeneral information's you can find in the Wikipedia. Beside the uncountable diving spots, Bohol has some interesting places and u should stay there for several days to discover them all. We enjoyed walking along the long white beaches at Panglao very much, because otherwise as on Mactan Island there are no fences which are separating each Resort and you can walk as long and far as you like. Also renting a motor bike is a good choice, because outside of Tagbilaran, the roads are not that much crowded. You can enjoy travelling by your own.

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First u should visit the Chocolate Hills, u won’t find it in any part of the world they are unique. The small churches among the road are also interesting. The caves are mystic and o boat ride on the Loboc River you should not miss. Children like to see the small Tarshiers.You can join lunch or dinner in one of the floating restaurants on the Loboc River.Packagetours, which starts at your Hotel (at Bohol) , for one day are offered between 1200 and 3500 P each Person. Dolphin watching can be booked at the most of the incredible white beaches.


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