Backpacker Philippines, how to find affordable rooms

Backpacker Lodge in Moalboal PhilippinesIf you visit the Philippines as backpacker it is still not that easy to find typical backpacker hostels or lodges. We think that the network could need some improvements, but there is an alternative for backpackers who are usually staying for just one night to move on to their next destination at the very next day. Backpacker who are visiting Moalboal are the lucky ones, because so far we know there is the only Backpackers Lodge available in the style and pricing backpackers would expect.

We do recommend to Google for: "Bed and Breakfast + your destination" or "affordable room rates + your destination" or "Private accommodation + your destination". Those key-strings are quite helpful.

If you are one the way to discover the north of Cebu Island the Sculpture Garden Private Pension House also welcomes Backpackers. And of course Mary and I have a room to offer for those of you, who want to stay just one night.

One of our guests told us about a very special alternative and he was saving a lot of money while using the Motels which are offering rooms for hourly rent. The most of them have special offers for those who check in after midnight. Not really meant for backpacker more likely for nightlife adventurers. But who says that backpackers have no nightlife. Guests then can stay until 7 am in the morning for 300 – 400 PHP including bedsheets, towels and air condition. Breakfast not available.

Since those motels are most likely just available in bigger cities he simply asked local people in the province if they would let him sleep in their houses. Most of the time the answer was Yes and in exchange for just a few Peso he had deep insights in the way of the Philippine life style.


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