Assisted living or supportive housing in the Philippines

Assisted living in the PhilippinesAssisted living in the Philippines is quite different from the offers in Europe or US. For one thing, living in the Philippines and the daily cost for your own well-being are much lower and the other is your own personal independence and authority over your income remains intact. Assisted living here is not the precursor to the nursing home with the limited supply of regular food. Mary and Klaus offer jointly with other Foreigners who are living here several models for assisted living in the Philippines. Supportive housing and an easy way of life, for you while getting older. No need to leave quality in your life behind, just because you are not working any more.

Assisted living in your own house or your own condominium - free and independent

The rent for a house or flat is 8000-36000 PHP. Euro/PHP = 1/55 -60 USD/PHP = 1/42 This allows a high degree of independence. The level of daily care each chooses itself an assistant for the daily needs and household tasks costs between 1800 - 3000 PHP in the month. A personal full-time nurse, in addition, in the case of the need for 9000-18000 PHP per month.

Supportive housing together with like-minded people

For those who like to live with like-minded people a specially rented villa is their home. Then, costs for household tasks, daily purchases can be shared and you always have a contact person with whom you can undertake activities together or having never ending talks while sitting in the living-room.

Assisted living in hotels or private pension houses

We may also provide such services. Quasi the luxury option for assisted living. You live in a separate room with shower and air-conditioning which has its own refrigerator and Internet connection. Often also the swimming pool or the beach is included in the price. A little bit more expensive because of the food but still affordable even for a living on a low budget. Peter ( see the picture above), he prefers to live in his own rented house. Read more about Peters assisted living in the Philippines.

Life made easy. Assisted living services 24/7. Supportive housing in the Philippines. Free and independent

Mary and I will assist you with all services. We care about your visas, assist in opening an account at a local bank, we find your home for assisted living or supportive housing in the Philippines. If you need the care of the staff or auxiliary nurses, we will assist you.

We make supportive housing easy for you and our network of like-minded will ensure that you are always well cared for in every case, while maintaining your full individuality.

Guided living in the Philippines- Assisted living Phase one -

Mary and I developed a different way of living in the Philippines. For those of you who like to spens your autumn of life in Paradise, please feel free to visit our guided living Philippines offer.

Assisted living in the Philippines

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