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Using bow and arrow is not that easy as it looks like, but under supervision by Jose Jesus Paolo Montalvan a real Philippines Expert ( right picture right side) children and adults will soon hit the bulls eye. All but not Klaus lOl.

Archery lessons are not just Entertainment one can learn a lot and patients is one thing you will learn. Mary and I found out that this kind of sport is one to give it a shot and so we are taking archery lessons on a regular base.

Adults pay 600 PHP / hour and Paolo offers special packages for groups as well. For example Children will pay 4000 Peso for 10 Sessions which is a reasonable Price as the equipement is supplied and included in the price.

The archery shooting range is close to the Taoist Temple in Cebu, so it is easy to find. Meet you there :)

Cell. 09339313112 call him for a schedule or visit his Facebook

Facebook of Jose Jesus Paolo Montalvan

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Archery shooting range in Cebu

The Archery shooting range, where the archery lessons are held is not what we would say an olympic sport center, but it is within the nice surroundings of the Taoist Temple and gives you the feeling to be outside in nature. This is what we do like the most. If you want to join archery lessons at this archery shooting range, then you might bring some snacks or cold non alcoholic drinks, since there is no close shop around.

Archery equipement

If you don't have your own bow and arrow no need to worry about that, one can use the equipement of Paolo. That is very convinient, so you can decide later, if you want too buy your own archery equipement.

Philippine Archers at the Olympic Games 2012 in London

2 out of eleven sportlers representing the Philippines in London during the Olympic Games. The archery team is built up by Rachel Cabral in the womens competition and Mark Javier for the men.

Archery is a very well repected sport in the Philippines. So no surprise that now even more new sport enthusiasts are trying to learn more about this sport which is a quite nice way to spend valuable leisure time together with the whole family.



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